Educational board game "Desitudo": Hanfa fosters financial literacy among young people

Financial literacy is today as important as all other forms of literacy. Although financial topics often seem complex, young people have the opportunity to learn about money in an easy and fun way from an early age. "The first ways of learning through playing are the foundation of later knowledge that we use throughout our lives," says Ivana Herceg, Head of Hanfa's Systemic Risks and Consumer Protection Division.

Hanfa devised an educational board game together with primary school pupils from the island of Hvar.

"With the aim and desire to bring financial topics closer to primary school pupils, but also to raise their awareness of the importance of personal finances, we upgraded the initial game created by the pupils of Petar Hektorović Primary School from the island of Hvar, which won Hanfa's competition for primary schools 'Financial Literacy through Play' in 2022," explains Ivana Herceg.

"Desitudo", the name of the game, combines the Latin words for desire (desiderium) and need (necessitudo).

It is tailored to all primary school pupils. There are two levels to the difficulty of questions. 

1st to 4th grade pupils will play with the basic goal of differentiating between wants and needs. The advanced level is more suitable for pupils from 5th to 8th grade because, in addition to differentiating between desires and needs, it contains questions and answers about savings, investments, shares, insurance, leasing and the pension system. 

The fact that the Ministry of Science and Education has verified "Desitudo", i.e. confirmed that the form and content of the game are appropriate for primary school pupils, also contributes to the value of the game.

Hanfa will donate the educational board game to primary schools

Hanfa will donate the educational board game "Desitudo" to all primary schools with which it cooperates in the implementation of activities related to the financial literacy of children. 

"In addition to acquiring knowledge and getting acquainted with financial concepts, the game fosters the development of self-confidence and awareness of one's own mathematical abilities," explains Ivana Herceg, adding that everything can be learned through playing, including the role of money in future personal and family life.

You can see how children enjoyed playing "Desitudo" in this video.

Survey of financial literacy among primary and secondary school pupils

In 2023, Hanfa conducted a financial literacy survey in primary and secondary schools involving students with whom Hanfa cooperated in educational activities.

Primary school pupils showed a relatively high level of financial knowledge and behaviour, taking into account the adaptation of questions to their age, although they are less familiar with the concept of budget and the distinction between saving and investing. For secondary school pupils, financial behaviour was the best rated, and they showed the highest level of responsible financial behaviour in relation to purchases. However, as many as 59% of pupils believe that money exists only to be spent. Half of the respondents correctly answered the question regarding car insurance, but as many as two thirds of high school pupils do not know that it is safer to invest in several shares than only one, nor that the contributions to the 3rd pension pillar are optional in Croatia.

These results indicate the importance of conducting financial literacy education for pupils, with the aim of raising their awareness of its importance and familiarising them with basic financial concepts from an early age.




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