Pension system

Hanfa supervises the pension system in accordance with the Act on Hanfa, Mandatory Pension Funds Act, Voluntary Pension Funds Act, Act on Pension Insurance Companies, Act on Lifelong Severance Payment or Supplementary Pension Purchase and other laws governing the supervision of the following supervised entities: 

  • mandatory pension companies
  • voluntary pension companies
  • mandatory pension funds
  • voluntary pension funds
  • pension insurance companies and their branches outside the Republic of Croatia
  • branches of institutions for occupational retirement provision from other Member States that carry out their activities in the Republic of Croatia
  • branches of institutions for occupational retirement provision from other Member States with respect to their activities carried out directly within the territory of the Republic of Croatia
  • persons offering pension schemes in the name and on behalf of pension insurance companies
  • certified actuaries
  • pension fund depositaries
  • supplementary pension purchase companies
  • the Central Register of Insured Persons (REGOS)
  • pan-European Personal Pension Product (PEPP) providers and distributors

Main supervisory objectives

The main objectives of supervision are to verify whether supervised entities operate in accordance with law and to assess the safety and stability of their business operations in order to protect the interests and rights of fund members and pension beneficiaries and the public interest, to contribute to the stability of the financial system, and to promote and maintain confidence in that system.

Within the framework of its supervisory activities, Hanfa verifies whether supervised entities operate in accordance with the relevant law and accompanying regulations, risk management regulations and other regulations, and pursuant to their own rules and standards and professional rules, i.e. in a manner ensuring their properly functioning. Hanfa’s supervisory activities include the imposition of supervisory measures.

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