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The Croatian Financial Services Supervisory Agency (Hanfa) is a supervisory authority whose scope of activities and competence cover the supervision of financial markets, financial services and legal and natural persons providing those services.

It was established in 2005, integrating the three existing supervisory institutions: the Securities Commission, the Agency for Supervision of Pension Funds and Insurance and the Insurance Companies Supervisory Authority.

Hanfa is an independent legal person with public authority within the scope of its activities and competence laid down in the Act on the Croatian Financial Services Supervisory Agency and other laws.

It is accountable to the Croatian Parliament.

Fundamental objectives

  • promotion and preservation of the stability of the financial system;
  • supervision of the legality of supervised entities’ operations.

In achieving its objectives, Hanfa is governed by the principles of transparency, building confidence among financial market participants and reporting to consumers.

What we supervise:

We supervise business operations of stock exchanges and regulated public markets, investment firms and securities issuers, brokers and investment advisers, tied agents, the central depositary and clearing company, insurance and reinsurance companies, insurance and reinsurance agents and brokers, investment and pension fund management companies, pension insurance companies, investment and pension funds, the Central Register of Insured Persons, the Fund for Croatian Homeland War Veterans and Members of their Families, and legal persons carrying out leasing and factoring activities unless these activities are carried out by banks within the scope of their registered operations.


Vision, mission, values


To support a sustainable development of the financial system by adopting relevant regulation and conducting proactive supervision, thus also contributing to the economic growth of the Republic of Croatia and to the protection of financial services users.


To ensure a favourable environment for a stable financial system and build confidence among financial market participants.

We perform our public role by regulating and supervising, in a consistent and transparent manner, business operations of financial services providers in accordance with best practices and international regulatory standards.

At the same time, we foster the awareness of the benefits and risks associated with various types of financial products and services, taking account of the protection of financial services users’ interests.

Core values

  • independent, impartial and consistent conduct;
  • high professional standards;
  • responsibility;
  • team work, cooperation and culture of collaboration;
  • proactive behaviour and flexibility;
  • focusing on the result, with the optimal use of resources.

Scope of activities and competence

While exercising our powers, we are authorised to:

  • adopt implementing regulations pursuant to the Act on Hanfa, laws regulating the capital market, investment and other funds, takeover of joint-stock companies, pension insurance companies, leasing companies, insurance, reinsurance and financial services, as well as pursuant to other laws when given such powers in accordance with them;
  • supervise business operations of these supervised entities and legal persons carrying out factoring activities unless such activities are carried out by banks as part of their registered activities, and order measures for the elimination of illegalities and irregularities established;
  • issue and revoke licences, authorisations and approvals pursuant to relevant regulations;
  • encourage, organise and monitor measures aimed at the effective functioning of financial markets;
  • keep records and books and maintain registers pursuant to the provisions of the Act on Hanfa and other regulations;
  • launch initiatives for the adoptions of laws, regulations and administrative provisions and inform the public of the principles underlying the functioning of financial markets;
  • adopt subordinate regulations prescribing terms and conditions, manner and procedures for a uniform supervisory process within our field of competence and take other measures and perform other tasks in accordance with our statutory powers;
  • inform other supervisory, administrative and judicial authorities of all the matters relating directly or indirectly to their field of competence with respect to proceedings brought before them related to the proceedings falling within the area of Hanfa’s competence;
  • pass opinions on the implementation of the Act on Hanfa and other specific above-mentioned regulations at the request of parties to the proceedings or persons having proved their legal interest.

Climate pledge

It is important to act for the same goal.

We are aware of the serious risks that climate change poses for citizens and the economy. We understand the importance of concrete solutions aimed at building a better future for ourselves and the generations to come.

Our role as a national supervisory authority is indispensable in helping, encouraging and following the Croatian financial services sector in financing the green and digital transformation of the entire society. We are also aware of the significance of the decisions made by all of us as Hanfa’s team members in the green transition. These decisions can improve our daily life, including the manner of transportation, heating and cooling offices and homes, and of manufacturing and spending. 

We believe in the strength and synergy of individual and collective purposes and in changes emerging from the cooperation with all national institutions, the private sector and non-profit organisations with the same common goal – creating conditions for a better life in a sustainable and ecologically healthy society.

Climate pledge in Croatian is available here

Organizational structure

BOARD Office of theSecretary General Finance and PlanningDepartment Office of the Board Information SecurityOffice Insurance Oversight Unit InsuranceSupervisionDepartment InsuranceAnalysisDepartment Leasing andFactoringSupervisionDepartment Insurance ComplianceMonitoring Unit Insurance ReportsAnalysis Unit Actuarial Analysis Unit Leasing and FactoringOversight Unit Leasing and FactoringReports Analysis Unit CommunicationsOffice Resolution Office Compliance Office Licensing Office Judical ProceedingsOffice Anti-MoneyLaundering Office Internal Audit General andAdministrative ServicesDepartment Human ResourcesDepartment InformationTechnologyDivision Funds and Investment FirmsSupervisionDivision Capital MarketSupervisionDivision Systemic Risksand ConsumerProtectionDivision RegulatoryHarmonisationand InternationalCooperationDivision Insurance, Leasingand FactoringSupervisionDivision Investment Fundsand InvestmentFirmsSupervisionDepartment MarketInfrastructureand MarketAbuseSupervisionDepartment Pension FundsSupervisionDepartment IssueresSupervisionDepartment SystemicRisksDepartment ConsumerProtectionMonitoring andEducationDepartment Department forHarmonisation ofNationalRegulations InternationalRegulations andCooperationDepartment LicensingCommission IT InfrastructureDepartment ApplicationSystemsDevelopmentDepartment
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