Consumer protection and improvement of financial literacy

In performing its activities, Hanfa is led, inter alia, by the principle of building confidence among all participants in the financial market, as well as informing and monitoring the protection of financial services users. 

Consumer protection primarily involves the improvement of the legal position of citizens as users of financial services when purchasing or contracting different financial services in the market; however, another important tool in consumer protection is education. 

Therefore, Hanfa pays great attention to both education in the area of financial literacy falling within its scope and competence and communication with consumers and the interested public. 

This includes responding to consumer complaints, publishing educational materials and warnings, and carrying out lectures, workshops and other types of education for both target groups and the general public. 

Acting upon complaints of users of financial services and their analysis is one of the tools for monitoring consumer protection. 

Hanfa receives complaints from users of financial services and other interested parties falling within all areas of its competence, including insurance, capital markets, leasing, factoring, investment funds, pension funds, pension insurance companies, and investment firms, and acts upon every complaint received. 

There is an ever increasing need to inform consumers about the characteristics of financial products and services and warn them of risks related to the use of those services and products. Therefore, a special emphasis is put on continuous education aimed at raising the level of financial literacy. 

Financial literacy survey

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