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Electronic receipt of documents

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Where the document to be submitted consists of more than one sheet, all sheets must be contained in a single file, without blank sheets. Each document and attachment must form a separate unit and, if due to the quantity of data, they are submitted in more than one file, it is necessary to indicate in the filename that they form one unit.

If the document received in electronic form is illegible, the sender shall be informed thereof without delay and shall be requested to resubmit it in in a legible form within a specified time limit. If the sender fails to do so, the document shall be deemed not to have been received.

Pages intended for registered users of the reporting system only:

In the case where there is no prescribed obligation to deliver the submission in electronic form, such submission may be delivered by post or in person.

Financial literacy education +385 1 6173 455
Statistical releases and MIREX +385 1 6173 498
Press and media enquiries +385 1 6173 278
Data Protection Officer +385 1 6173 491
Innovation Hub
Judicial Proceedings Office +385 1 6173 458
Capital Market Supervision Division +385 1 6173 483
Funds and Investment Firms Supervision Division; Pension Funds Supervision Department +385 1 6173 352
Funds and Investment Firms Supervision Division; Investment Funds and Investment Firms Supervision Department +385 1 6173 384
Pension Funds Supervision Department; Leasing and Factoring Supervision Department +385 1 6173 231
Regulatory Harmonisation and International Cooperation Division +385 1 6173 213

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