Hanfa representatives at the regulatory meetup of the Croatian Association for Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

On 6 November, Hanfa representatives participated in the regulatory meetup organised by the Croatian Association for Blockchain and Cryptocurrency (UBIK) on issues and experiences related to the recently established Register of virtual asset service providers. The meetup focussed on exchanging experiences and encouraging dialogue among cryptoindustry stakeholders, financial regulators and other interested parties.

The introductory presentation on the Ordinance on keeping the Register of virtual asset service providers, highlighting key aspects and procedures of the new regulation, was followed by a panel discussion moderated by Morana Vukić Perak, Head of Legal Affairs in Electrocoin. The participants in the panel were: Senada Dürrigl, Head of the Anti-Money Laundering Office in Hanfa, Zoran Orlović, Supervisor Specialist at the said Office, Dejan Davidović from Kriptomat and Vlaho Hrdalo, lawyer and partner in the law firm Hrdalo & Krnić and president of UBIK.

Hanfa representatives pointed out that the initial supervision of virtual property asset providers (VASPs) started as early as in 2020, stressing that the primary goal of the regulator is to protect consumers through regulations and increase transparency in cryptoindustry. In particular, they stressed that Hanfa aims to achieve a level of regulation acceptable to both regulators and supervised entities. They also mentioned the importance of the new Register, stressing that its establishment is of priority in relation to other regulatory activities carried out by Hanfa.

The panel discussion was concluded by highlighting the importance of communication between the regulator and supervised entities.


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