Financial Stability

The annual publication Financial Stability provides a detailed analysis of trends and risks relating to individual segments of the financial services sector, namely the insurance, leasing, factoring, investment fund and pension fund industry. It also provides an assessment of their exposure (and contribution) to systemic risks, including an analysis and assessment of risks pertaining to each of these financial sector segments in the context of international and domestic macroeconomic, monetary and financial developments. The publication also assesses the overall exposure of the entire financial services sector to systemic risks, both those that are of short-term, i.e. cyclical nature, as well as those that are long-term, structural risks. It also presents the results of stress testing of the financial services sector under highly unlikely but plausible macroeconomic and financial shocks. In this way, the publication Financial Stability provides a comprehensive and systematic insight into the risks the domestic financial services sector is exposed to, analysing their nature and character for the purpose of enabling timely and adequate macroprudential measures aimed at preventing the materialisation of such risks and deterioration of the stability of the domestic financial system, and at enhancing the system’s resistance to shocks.

Financial Stability, No.1

Published on 31 December 2021

Publication: Financial Stability

Date: December 2021

Year of Issue: I

ISSN: 2806-8874