The pan-European Personal Pension Product (PEPP)

The pan-European Personal Pension Product is a voluntary personal pension scheme that will benefit citizens working in several EU Member States as they will be able to transfer their pension rights from one Member State to another, but also those who wish to save into a different voluntary pension savings model. The PEPP does not replace the existing national statutory and occupational pension systems and products, nor does it align or affect them.

It can be offered not only by pension companies, as in the case of voluntary pension savings, but also by pension insurance companies, institutions for occupational retirement provision from other Member States, as well as banks, investment firms and insurance companies.

Any company that intends to offer this financial product on the market is obliged to obtain a licence from the Home State regulator, after which it will be entered in the PEPP central register at the EU-level by EIOPA. As regards other countries, it is necessary to undergo the notification procedure with the competent authority – Hanfa in Croatia.

Prior to contracting this product, it is advisable to request and thoroughly analyse the Key Information Document (KID), that provides information on important features of the product, including the costs, potential investment gains and losses, and a short explanation of its risk profile.


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