Capital market

Providing information on investment firms, transparency, market abuse, prospectuses, takeover of joint-stock companies…

Investment funds

Providing information on investment fund management companies, investment fund operations, trading in investment fund units…

Pillar II and Pillar III pensions and pension payments

Providing information on pension companies, pension funds and pension insurance companies…

Insurance market

Providing information on insurance and reinsurance undertakings, insurance agents, insurance and reinsurance brokers…

Leasing and factoring

Providing information on leasing companies, factoring companies, legal persons carrying out factoring operations, register of leased assets…

Separated news


Monthly Report for December 2018

The Croatian Financial Services Supervisory Agency has published its Monthly Report for December 2018.

The Report contains data on business operations of pension funds, investment funds, insurance companies, leasing companies, factoring companies and capital market.

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The Croatian Financial Services Supervisory Agency is a supervisory authority whose scope of activities and competence cover the supervision of financial markets, financial services and supervised entities providing those services.

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Consumer protection

Providing information on Hanfa's activities related to consumer protection and instructions on how to lodge a complaint against entities supervised by Hanfa.

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