45th Meeting of the Management Board of the Agency

On 2007-08-30, the Board of the Croatian Financial Services Supervisory Agency held its 45th Meeting of the Management Board of the Agency session, at which several decisions were adopted.

  1. Decision exempting supervised entities referred to in Article 2 of the Ordinance on the calculation, level and charging of fees to be paid to the Croatian Financial Services Supervisory Agency for the year 2007 (Official Gazette 14/07) from paying the fees in the period from 1 October to 31 December 2007.
  2. Decision revoking authorization to conduct activities of insurance representation of Boris Sudec from Velika Ludina, Obrtnička 17.
  3. Decision granting Miroslav Romić from Valpovo, Tina Ujevića 62, owner of a trade for insurance representation, an operating licence for insurance representation.
  4. Decision granting insurance representation company DAVID & DAVID d.o.o. za zastupanje u osiguranju, from Virovitica, Trg kralja Tomislava 8, company registration number 010063522 an operating license for insurance representation at the vehicle roadworthiness test garage “Agroservis STP“, Virovitica, Stjepana Radića 136.
  5. Decision granting approval to Raiffeisen pension company for voluntary pension fund management d.o.o., Zagreb, Magazinska 69, for business operations of T-Mobile closed-end voluntary pension fund.
  6. Decision approving investment fund management company Fima Global Invest d.o.o. društvo za upravljanje investicijskim fondovima, Varaždin, Anina 2, a change of the Prospectus of Breza d.d. closed-end investment fund with a public offering.
  7. Decision approving company UNIJAPAPIR d.d., Zagreb, Radnička cesta 22, the Prospectus on issuing 400 ordinary registered shares, by a private offering, with the total nominal value of HRK 720,000.00, each having a nominal value of HRK 1,800.00 per share.
  8. Decision approving HG SPOT d.d. company, Zagreb, Avenija Dubrovnik 46, publishing of the information form the abridged Prospectus when listing shares of HG SPOT d.d. company, Zagreb, Avenija Dubrovnik 46, in the quotation of public joint stock companies.
  9. Decision approving ZIF BREZA d.d. company, Varaždin, Anina Ulica 2, publishing of information when listing shares of ZIF BREZA d.d. company, Varaždin, Anina Ulica 2 in the quotation of closed-end investment funds.
  10. Decision granting approval to Zlatka Čular from Zagreb, Vinogradska 62-1, born on 25 February 1959 in Split, to perform duties of a member of the Management Board of Cosmopolitan Life d.d. company, Zagreb, Jurišićeva 9, company registration number 080260803.
  11. Decision approving JADRANKA d.d. company, Mali Lošinj, Dražica 1, the Prospectus on issuing corporate bonds, by a public offering, in a dematerialized and registered form, with the total amount of HRK 75,000,000.00, in the denomination of HRK 1, with the maturity date of 2012.