In order to achieve the objectives of the Innovation Hub, Hanfa shall cooperate with institutions from the Republic of Croatia, from neighbouring and EU countries, as well as internationally.

Domestic cooperation

With this initiative, Hanfa intends to further improve the cooperation with the regulated industry in Croatia, as well as to expand it to service providers in the technology sector and to the new participants in the market i.e. start-up companies.

International cooperation

Hanfa wants to promote Croatia as a centre for innovation in financial services, as well as to facilitate:

  • the entry of innovative Croatian projects to the European Economic Area market and beyond
  • the entry of innovative non-EU projects to the European Economic Area market.

In order to support the development of innovation on the territory of the Republic of Croatia, Hanfa cooperates with institutions that regulate financial services on the territories of other countries (EU and third countries).

Cooperation with entities starting pilot projects

Innovation Hub is open for collaboration with various types of entities, and we are particularly interested in cooperation with projects that are in the pilot phase of researching technological innovation in financial services.