Welcome to the website of the regulatory Innovation Hub of the Croatian Financial Services Supervisory Agency (Innovation Hub). With constant evolution of technological solutions in the financial industry, manners of raising capital, market structure and approach to consumers, the Innovation Hub should play a role in Hanfa’s active collaboration with the existing entities, technological services providers, start-ups and other stake-holders in business ventures that use or want to use innovative solutions in the field of non-banking financial services.

Hanfa has established a regulatory Innovation Hub with respect to innovation in the field of financial services that cover FinTech, InsurTech, RegTech etc. The purpose of the regulatory Innovation Hub is to be the point where innovative projects in the field of financial services can obtain informal support, advice or guidelines in order to understand their position within the regulatory framework and to determine regulatory, supervisory and legal issues that are of significance to the project. Some of the functions of the regulatory innovation hub are:

  1. to support the development of innovative projects
  2. to reduce the time needed for innovative projects to enter the market
  3. to lessen regulatory uncertainty
  4. to facilitate access to Hanfa by creating a special contact point
  5. to enable faster, simpler and individual access to projects that fulfil the required conditions
  6. to be an active catalyst in promoting interaction between the financial industry and innovative technological solutions, research, development and society economic needs.

The inquiries aimed at the Innovation Hub may be of various nature, for example:

  • information related to the conditions of providing regulated services and to procedures under Hanfa’s competence
  • product demonstration (with Hanfa’s feedback)
  • meetings, interviews and presentations.

We are inviting entities involved in the development of innovative technological solutions in the financial industry (FinTech, InsureTech or RegTech) to approach Hanfa in order to learn more about the position of their innovative project within the regulatory framework of the Republic of Croatia and the European Union.

Persons who submit Innovation Hub support requests and who fulfil the formal conditions as stated in the application form will be contacted by Hanfa within no more than a week.

Why Hanfa?

EU integration

Since 2013, Croatia has been a member of the European Union, therefore it has fully complied with the EU legislation. Business ventures incorporated in the Republic of Croatia and licensed or registered by Hanfa enjoy full freedom to provide services in the European Union and in the European Economic Area (provided that the services concerned may be offered cross-border pursuant to the EU legislation).

Availability of the regulatory authority and fast communication channels

Hanfa has formed a special team of people that reflects a cross-section of Hanfa’s scope of competence. The size of the country and the internal market enables Hanfa to dedicate itself to innovative projects that fulfil the requirements, with the necessary efficiency and short decision-making channels.