Consumer protection

While operating in accordance with its principles, including the one relating to reporting to consumers on its activities, Hanfa takes various steps with a view to ensuring timely provision of relevant information to users of financial services. Hanfa’s main goals, namely safeguarding stability of the financial system and supervising the legitimacy of supervised entities’ operations, are also directly related to consumer protection. In this respect Hanfa is orientated towards:

  • Preventive actions reflected in off-site and on-site supervision of entities supervised by Hanfa, for the purpose of determining compliance of their business operations with relevant legal provisions and with authorisations they obtained to perform their activities. Registers of authorised legal and natural persons are available on Hanfa’s website.   
  • Raising consciousness on risks pertaining to investment in financial instruments, and on rights and obligations of supervised entities and users of their services.
  • On-going education of financial services users including provision of relevant information on Hanfa’s website, publication of relevant regulations, educational texts, bulletins, manuals and data on supervised entities’ performance, as well as provision of answers to enquiries and complaints made by consumers